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I am Divorced, cross-cultural background, living today in Israel Besides my 2 daughters & 5 nephews, after many years working worldwide in many countries - France, Japan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal. fluent multiple languages: French, English, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese.
An eternal optimist with abundance charisma, friendly & enthusiastic, my strengths are a charm & persuasiveness character.

I m very honnest , simple, funny , like life , nature , winter , snow , flowers .
My favorite color is pink
I like travelling and adventures too

bonjour je voudrais faire connaissance avec une femme juive ou une femme très attirée par Israel et le judaisme pour une amitié, sortie partager ce point commun d'Israel et du judaisme ou pour une relation amoureuse si feeling :-) J'aimerais baser une amitié ou relation autour d'Israel et du judasme J'aime les personnes simples, naturelles J'espere avoir le plaisir de vous lire
Je suis actuellement dans la region parisienne

I love and support Israel, ive been there a few times... I'm looking for a long term relationship. I appreciate the culture and values of the Israelites, so id like a future with someone who appreciates the same...
I love the outdoors and activities to keep me busy, but I enjoy and appreciate quality time... I'm an open book, send me a message... Ill look forward to getting to know you too!
I'm about 5'7" blonde hair, blue eyes, I'm a self employed entrepreneur, who specializes in custom home remodelling, but I appreciate riding horses or motorcycles, I love to play pool, bowling and many other activities... Most importantly, I Love Myself, and so in return, I can purely love others!

Friends would probaly describe me as being an sent ,funny, open minded, morals, loyal, outgoing, caring, giving, strong minded, honest, easy to talk to  with a very happy and gentle demeanor. I like to laugh and make people laugh. I enjoy seeing people smile and I like to have fun!

A bit about me: I love to travel and explore the world, meet different types of people and experience different cultures. Friends and family are important to me, and I try to bring joy as much as possible to other people’s lives. I love a good book that delves deep into the human experience and love learning new things every day

I'd like to meet someone who's kind, honest, positive, mature. someone who can talk about real things, but also enjoy life with a sense of humor (that's not sarcastic or cynical!—This is really not a good fit for me as I am pretty sensitive).

Religiously, I'd probably say I'm mostly Modern Orthodox (shomer Shabbat and kashrut). I like to learn, daven (pray), say berachot (blessings) when I remember. Most of all, I strive to have good middot (character traits). This is the most important to me, both in myself and in a mate

Hi! I've been a widow for almost 2 years, and am ready to start dating again!! I'm 53 years old, a conservative Jew, no children or pets. I enjoy art, computers, reading, gardening, spirituality, quantum physics, and meditation.

Well, I suppose it will be more than interesting for you to know me
better;)) Then listen;) I'm extremely kind-hearted, passionate,
loving, caring, sexual, sensitive lady who is ready to make the man of
heart the happiest person in the world! I'm very optimistic,
energetic, cheerful and won't let my lover to be bored at any
circumstances!!! To make the long story short, I can be that one whom
you are looking for;))

I am a marketing professional and international art dealer from Brooklyn, New York, and I moved to Israel because I love the Jewish people and the Holy Land.
I describe myself as a sensitive, caring and accepting person with a great sense of humor and lots of warmth.
I am a romantic person and enjoy walking along the coastline of Israel.
My deep connection to Jewish Mysticism has broadened my understanding of life and purpose.
I try to connect to the inner beauty of a woman and accept all types of religious affiliations.
I am seeking a woman that is warm, caring and has a positive image about herself.
The age of a woman is not important, because true love transcends time, distance and age.
A woman that is romantic, loving and can connect to my Hungarian soul.
A woman that is ready to travel with me along the same road of life to accomplish great things together.

I'm a loyal, honest, caring, intelligent, easygoing, responsible Jewish man who is dedicated to Jewish people and the State of Israel. I'm looking for a luke-minded Jewish queen to spend my life with.

getting old but still young, I sometimes feel lonely and look for a long term relationship.
I'd rather chose you from the north of Israel, or ready to move there
too much experience - I'll need quite a long time to know you before beginning the relation...

vieillissant mais encore jeune, je me sens seul et cherche un lien pour longtemps.
je te préfèrerais du nord d'Israel, ou prête à y emménager
trop de déceptions - j'aurais besoin d'une longue période pour faire connaissance, avant de commencer réellement la relation...

I am a jewish and i am not living in Israel. I am from the country, where are not living Jewish people. I want to have new friends, have fun and just be simple..

I am a nice jewish man attractive look younger than my age and in great shape
I am Honest sincere no drama no games
I always carry with me positive energy
I am romantic and willing to relocate for my Soulmate
I believe in great friendship base on great communication understanding sense of humor and love

hello !! :)

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