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♥ Jewish dating website - 100% free! ♥


- Meet Jewish singles from Israel and all countries in the world!
- What are our aims?
- Our philosophy

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- JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM is aimed at Jewish singles from Israel and from all countries in the world!

There are about 14 million Jews worlwide ; 40% of them live in Israel.

With JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM, meet real Jewish singles from all over the world:
Jewish men and women from… New York City in the USA, from Russia, from Paris in France, from Canada, From London in the United Kingdom, from Argentina, etc.

With JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM, chat also with friends, from the main cities of Israel:
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and more!

- What are our aims?

JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM offers its users the chance to broaden their network of contacts with a view to making new Jewish friends and even more perhaps. JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM enables its members to select other Jewish members according to various criteria (family situation, photos, area or centres of interest, etc) from amongst the profiles available on our data base, and they can thus converse directly with "compatible" people.
You will soon see that an evening spent on JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM will probably bring you more friends than an evening spent in a night club or in a bar. From now, the internet dating is the simplest, most modern and free way of meeting THE RIGHT PERSON straightaway.

The majority of our members are, often, people with the same goals :
- To enjoy themselves whilst conversing with other people sharing the same religion
- To make new acquaintances and go out with new friends
- To find their soul mate
- To create Jewish families
- To build the Jewish Community for the future...

- Our philosophy

Firstly, we are proud of the Jewish traditions and values.

Secondly, our database of members is growing every day. But PROXIMEETY isn't a "factory".
On the contrary, our aim is to further genuine introductions, bring internet surfers together, in an intimate area, full of well-being, freedom and safety, thanks to these factors :
- JEWISH.PROXIMEETY.COM is NOT an X-rated site, but a chat and dating site, which is genuine and open to the public at large.
- No phoney profiles, no hostess, no cheating. On the contrary ; quality profiles, real profiles.
- Everything is rigorously monitored by our regulators (all the ads and photos are manually authenticated).
- New practicalities and improvements are constantly being offered to our members.
- An anonymous, speedy and safe way of making contact.

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